Welcome series

It's been five days since you signed up for A Miracle Every Day. I hope these daily emails are already a great blessing in your life!

You've probably noticed that I always end my emails with this: "You are a miracle!"

Many people have asked me why I do that. Very good question!

I'm telling it to you every day, because I don't want you to forget. I've seen many people that don't believe they are anything special. But I want to tell you on behalve of God: You are special! You are a miracle!

Some other reasons why I love this phrase...

  • I think it values and empowers the person to whom you say it: "You are a miracle. You are important, you are precious, you are unique! I'm grateful to God for you."
  • It gives glory to God. He's the only one that can do miracles. You exist because God desired your existence! He has a plan for your life. The proof...you are alive!
  • And finally, it's an acknowledgment to our Creator! It's also to Him that we gratefully say, "Thank you for your miracles!"

So my friend, never forget: You are a miracle!