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Right now, online searchers are making the decision to get to know Jesus Christ.

As, we want to see people have free access to the Gospel, know God, grow in Jesus and share faith easily with others. We do all we can to help and assist people in this process. But we know that in the end, it is God who’s working in the lives of people. And we know that these life-changing decisions will be attacked by God’s enemy. Please pray for these people. Pray that God will guide them further in their relationship with Him.


We believe that prayer is very powerful. Therefore, we want to create a continuous prayer chain for all the people who are taking steps of faith on websites and for the whole movement. We hope you will consider becoming one of our prayer partners, willing to commit themselves to prayer on a regular basis. You can pray for these topics:

  • People (real first names of people will be sent to you in an anonymous way) who took steps of faith to follow Jesus and made the decision to follow Jesus
  • Ministries working with
  • The movement of

When you commit to prayer, we will update you on a regular basis and you will be sent regular encouragement mailings.

Together, we pray.

Join our prayer team

You will receive a weekly email in which you’re invited to pray for several people who have sent in their prayer requests. Right now, hundreds of people are praying for the needs of these people. Will you join them?

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